This page will include the benefits and advantages of participating in the Sedona Mastermind Collaborative in addition to the Income Opportunities listed on that page. Some examples include:

Shares in participating cause-oriented companies.

Barter and trade for your services.

Coaching and Mentoring support services.

Access to technical assistance in publishing, marketing, writing, event promotion, Internet marketing, program and product development, organizational development, fundraising strategies, repurposing content, creating Strategic Marketing SystemsTM, etc.

New strategic alliances and joint venture opportunities to market your programs, products and services.

Access to over $100,000 worth of hardware, software and training programs on publishing, marketing, PR, Internet marketing, etc.

Access to about 1,000 strategic alliance partners, resource providers, affiliate marketing programs, etc.

Plus Opportunities to learn how to apply skills such as:

How to earn while you learn with Internet marketing.

How to use WordPress blog sites

How to publish ezines using Constant Contact

How to create a “Strategic Marketing System” TM and prosper financially.

How to create and prosper from Membership and Affiliate programs

How to apply creative visioning and strategic planning systems.

How to benefit from using and sharing with others “Successful Living Skills for the New Millennium.

Please use the Leave A Reply function or the Contact Form to share your feedback, ask questions or offer your suggestions. Thank you!


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