Focus Areas

This page will evolve over time to include a list of primary areas of focus that the Sedona Mastermind Collaborative will address. Initially, the areas are those that the cofounders of this group either need help with, have available resources to share and or areas that we are interested in learning about such as:

Publishing and Electronic Publishing

Marketing and Promotion

Internet Marketing (Including blog sites, affiliate programs, Pay Per Click, ezines, articles, repurposing content, webinars, teleseminars, etc.)

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

Audio and Video Production of Training Programs, etc.

Web Design and Development

Developing and Managing Successful Membership Programs

Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning

Facilitating Seminars, Workshops, and Playshops

Establishing, Obtaining Funding and Ensuring the Success of NPOs

Incorporating, Obtaining Equity Capital for and Ensuring the Success of Cause-Oriented Companies.

Successful Living Skills for the New Millennium

Cofounding Intentional Communities

What would you add to this list?

Please use the Leave A Reply function or Contact Form to share your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!


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