This page will continuously evolve with your input to provide various opportunities for participants to earn an income by sharing your talents, time, energy (and money in some cases). The Page on Benefits will provide a similar inventory of benefits in addition to cash that can be obtained by your participation

The initial list of potential income streams include:

Partial or full compensation in cash (and or shares of stock in some instance) for services rendered to other participants. That includes helping with present and future consulting services contracts between other participants in the Sedona Mastermind Collaborative.

Income from affiliate programs.

Royalties for authoring, coauthoring, producing or coproducing printed, audio and video content.

Grants and donations for your non-profit organizations and projects.

Equity funding and customers for your cause-oriented business.

Revenue Participation Agreements with other participants who need your services.

Return on Investment (primarily for accredited investors who help provide equity capital for participating companies).


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