This page will provide a list of present, planned and potential projects that members of the Sedona Mastermind Collaborative may participate in. The initial list of projects are primarily those already underway or in the planning stages by the organizations that are participating in this experimental process.

Projects by Ultimate Destiny Network and Ultimate Destiny University:

Launching the non-profit Ultimate Destiny University with publication of the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library. (The first phase is electronic, then printing all 14 titles, then designing and delivering webinars, seminars and workshops on the 14 facets of fulfilling ones ultimate destiny.)

The Ultimate Destiny Success System consists of 14 interactive programs with over 1,000 pages on every facet of realizing your potential, fulfilling your purpose and manifesting your ultimate destiny. Each program includes quizzes, self-assessments, goal setting and application exercises, featured resources, and free bonuses.

The main areas covered in the Ultimate Destiny Success System include:

Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny; Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle; Realizing Your Ultimate Potential; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose; Enjoying Loving Relationships; Attaining Financial Freedom and Prosperity; Enjoying Ultimate Health and Fitness; Achieving Ultimate Success in Business and Career; Raising Your Consciousness; Enjoying Peace and Balance; Harnessing Creative Mind Power; Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability; and Making A Difference and Leaving A Legacy.

Refining and expanding the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award to include service clubs and other non-profit organizations that help individuals, organizations and communities realize more of their potential.

Helping obtain equity capital for Ultimate Destiny Network. (Accredited investors are invited to review the Investment Marketing Memorandum)

Cofounding the Strategic Alliance for Youth Empowerment and Success (SAYES) to help youth of all ages learn how to apply “successful living skills for the New Millennium” such as self-publishing, entrepreneurship, Internet marketing, etc.

Creating “Empowerment Marionettes” of world-class authors and trainers to help children learn how to harness their creative power.

Co-producing large-scale development training programs in Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, etc. based on 15 years of prior experience through the CAN DO! Resource Center.

Helping Expand the Circle of Success to provide greater access for millions of people to resources for self-help, empowerment and capacity building.

Projects by CENTER SPACE, the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment:

Refining, printing, publishing, developing and facilitating seminars and workshops based on the series of over a dozen initial spiritually oriented programs and publications from CENTER SPACE.

Helping introduce New Thought Principles and Practices to help others discover how to awake to Spirit, Realize more of their potential and Know how to cocreate their ultimate destiny.

Other Present and Potential Projects:

Helping Genii Townsend, cofounder of the Sedona Light Center, publish, market and produce her books, seminars and playshops based on her books, The Sedona City of Light and Discover the Secrets of How to Grant Your Wishes from A Real Genii.

Establishing one or more intentional communities in the Sedona area.

Helping provide resources for the betterment of 100% of humanity, begining with “structured water devices” invented by Clayton Nolte and marketed through Ultimate Water, Inc.

Helping Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center obtain greater public awareness, utilization of its facilities and the additional capital to expand its overnight capacity from 40 to 144.

Helping Dr. Elliott Maynard and the Arcos Cielos Research Center continue to evolve and help market his books on Life Management 3000 and Transforming the Global Biosphere.

Helping Dr. Emmett Miller launch the Light Institute and market his books and learning programs on The Culture of the Couch, Awakening the Leader Within and Healing Our Planet.

To share your feedback, ask questions or suggest additional projects, please use the Leave A Reply function or Contact Form below. Thank you!


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